Providing affordable, data-driven coaching to teach employees how to be in control of their health.

Avatraxx - Empowering your employees with incremental health changes for long-term benefits. Begin a chat or scan the QR code to connect with our coaches right away.

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Our mission is to help your team.

  • Make better choices leading to improved health and wellness.
  • Feel supported on their health journey by expert coaches.
  • Understand and educate on lifestyle changes.
  • Feel motivated and part of a community.
  • Create positivity around how they look and feel.

An unhappy, unhealthy team hurts your company

"People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures."


More time off sick with physical and mental health problems.


Staff are unmotivated and underperforming.


Can feel isolated WFH.

Avatraxx: Our four Pillars For A Balanced Lifestyle.

At Avatraxx, we call these pillars your four key daily functions.Your avatar tracks your sleep, mental health, nutrition and activity, meaning you can see your results and check your progress throughout the days, weeks and months. Our coaches will analyse and work with you to improve any of the pillars you’re unhappy with.







Avatraxx lets you connect with a coach in your chosen pillar who can give you tips, and recommendations and educate you on things that need improving, not to mention the general motivation. You can also team up with one or more like-minded friends and colleagues to share your health journeys, so you can support and encourage each other to stay on track.


Competitive Edge

Through our gamified reward system, Avatraxx encourages you to have fun on your health journey and compete with your colleagues to get to the top of the company and global leaderboard. You can win vouchers, gift cards and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that it’s hard to keep up with health goals and make lifestyle changes on your own. Life is busy, and changing habits is hard. That’s where Avatraxx comes in; we give you the tools to slowly make small changes that can lead to significant health benefits when made one step at a time. Avatraxx goes at your own pace; it is not one size fits all; it’s personalised, interactive and helps you learn, take action and reach your goals.
Avatraxx is an excellent employee health benefit; signing up will help your team build better mental and physical health at home and work. Avatraxx helps with team-building goal setting and a positive mindset, which not only benefits your company’s health it also benefits morale and productivity, helping you stay on track
They’ll get a personal avatar, will be able to track their progress, set goals and get the support they need to reach their targets. They’ll work with accountability partners/workmates to help you create positive, sustainable changes at work and home.
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What our users think

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