5 tips to creating a sustainable lifestyle

5 tips to creating a sustainable lifestyle

We live in a fast paced world, constant rushing with a sense that we are all time starved. Is this the reason so many people fail to look after their health in the long run? Whether you follow the below tips or not, process them and ask yourself, are you doing all you can to create a long term healthy lifestyle?

Tip 1. Slow down – Whatever your target, take time to figure yourself out, understand your body and what it can achieve. Setting yourself a target of 50 press ups in a week is great but why not get the confidence from completing 10 a week to start with?

Tip 2. Create Habits Small basic habits will compound over time and contribute towards your ongoing success. An example of a good habit could be to drink a litre of water when you first wake up, apposed to a bad habit which could be to drink 4litres of water a day when you can’t master drinking 1.

Tip 3. Friends You will find 2 types of people in this world, the first being someone that will support you and hold you accountable for your actions and the 2nd being the person that will push you down and do everything they can so you don’t succeed. Make sure you pick the right accountability partners to share your life with.

Tip 4. Enjoy the journey – It’s inevitable that you will have good and bad days, both are fine and something for you to process and work with. Enjoy the good days and take what you can from the not so good. Remember, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing then you wont keep up with it.

Tip 5. Emotions – Share them. People suffer with hitting long term targets because they don’t feel supported. You are not alone, others are on the same journey and need your help too. Confide in accountability partners, people following the same path or loved ones.