Avatraxx for Employees

Avatraxx is the personalised health app that supports your physical and mental health. We give you the tools to connect with expert coaches who will guide, educate and encourage you to reach your full potential. Your Avatraxx avatar will reflect how you look and feel based on the data that is connected through your wearable.

Create Your Vision. Witness Your Changes.

Personalise your journey to create a long term sustainable health plan.
Fully Customisable

Customise your Avatar to make it look like you.

See Realtime Changes

Your Avatar immediately responds to your health data, changing as you change.

Time Travel

You can see ongoing changes to your Avatar and look back and see how far you have come.

Ongoing Support & Recommendations

Let your future self do the talking, your Avatar will make suggestions on changes you can make based on your past, present and future data.

Being Mindful

Your Avatar responds to your mood based on your data


Share your journey with others and be part of a like-minded team.

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