Building healthy teams for a
healthy workplace with Avatraxx

Avatraxx helps you nurture and embed a culture of health and wellness at work – giving employees the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally

Data Driven Coaching.

Avatraxx expert coaches will provide you with the analytics needed to implement new prevention strategies for employee wellbeing as
things change.

Employee wellbeing is never one size fits all and some areas need more focus than others. We give you the tools to adapt and
implement where necessary, as well as teach your team how to adopt new changes.

Strategies And Employee Support

Using data from your employee’s avatars (with their permission), you can work with our Avatraxx experts to develop evidence-based strategies to create tailored support models to help your employees reach their goals and stay on track.

Seamless Onboarding & Engagement

Avatraxx is easy to set up, intuitive to use and is designed to drive engagement and support your management teams and staff. Contact us now to set up a demo.

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